Consulting Firm specialized in
ICT & e-Government
Global Leader
Performed numbers of Overseas e-Government Consulting and System Designs including Consulting on Informatization Strategy for major public
organizations in Korea and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, National Health Insurance Service, Incheon
Port Authority, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Employment Information Service
ICT Consulting
· e-Government, Public ISP Consulting
· System Design and Service Model
· Technical Based Service, Deducting
  Marketing Strategy
· SOP and System Consulting of
  Scientific Investigation and Forensic
Global ICT Consulting
· ODA Field System Consulting
· Developing Global business,
  and Deducting FS, TA, Master Plan
· Diagnosis of Informatization Level
  and Informatization Diagnosis Tool
  Kit Service (K-IE : NexIn - Next Intelligence Technology
  Evaluation tool kit) Forensic
System Integration(SI)
· Establishment of ICT based System in
  Public and Industrial Area
· Analysis and Design of System and
  Establishment and Transfer of
  Optimized Integrated System (Total
  Supply of RoI and Risk & change
· ICT Outsourcing and Global help desk
  support Global help desk Outsourcing
· Digital Forensic Evidence Management
  System (K-DEMS / Digital forensic
  evidence management system)
· Digital Forensic Evidence Authentication
  System (DFC)
· Data Grabber (Collect, Modify,
  Index Handler for Big-data Analysis)
Grant of Business from NexIN Co.Ltd.
Sudan E-GOV Master Plan , Laos Cultural Tourism F/S,
National Cloud ISP, National Health Insurance Service
Bigdata ISP, Korea Polytechnics ISP
· Joint Venture Agreement with Indonesia
  Venture Agreement with PRATAMA Group (Indonesia)
· Consulting Firm Registration at World Bank
  Win contracts for Bangladesh, India, Belarus, etc.
· Patent Application
· Certification for Venture Business
· Corporation Lab Registration
· Corporation Registration
Performed numbers of Overseas e-Government Consulting and System Designs including Consulting on Informatization Strategy for major public
organizations in Korea and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, National Health Insurance Service, Incheon
Port Authority, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Employment Information Service

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2019.08 ~ on going
ISP on Improvement of Space Weather Information System
(KSP-IDB Joint Consulting) Master Plan for Buenos Aires IDC (Internet Data Center)
(Project for Establishment of Educational Data for Artificial Intelligence) Establishment of Image Data for Korean Letters
Establishment of Next Generation Integrated System for ECREDIBLE
2019 Cooperation Project for Korea-Peru e-Government Cooperation Center (ISP on National Integrated Data Center)
2019 Consulting and Cooperation Support for African Minerals Geoscience Initiative (AMGI)

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2018.06 ~ 2019.01
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Design of GIS Platform in Sri Lanka
Establishment of DGS(Data Gathering System) and BigData for Samsung SDI Lab
Feasibility Study on ‘Modernization of National Archives of Mongolia’
Consulting on ICT based Food Import System for Ministry of Health of Vietnam
Establishment of Integrated Information System for Anti-Corruption (Phase 1)
2018 Consulting on Current Status analysis and Cooperation Support for African Mineral Geospatial Initiative
Consulting for Establishment of Digital Forensic Integrated Information System(BPR/ISP)
2018 Cooperation Project for Korea-Indonesia e-Government Cooperation Center
2018 Cooperation Project for Korea-Peru e-Government Cooperation Center
BigData Anaylsis of Airports
Development of Venture Platform (Get It All)
Derivation of Points suggesting Suggestive Diagnosis for Digital Conversion of Belarusian National Economy
Improving Common Function of Fund Management System for National Pension
Consulting on Establishment of Common Data Model Platform

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2017.08 ~ 2018.02
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2017.02 ~ 2017.07
Supply of Mobile Forensic Equipment to Korea National Police Agency
Consulting of Improving Indonesian Land Registration System for Policy Unification
Master Plan for Improvement of Tariff Administrative System in Honduras
Indonesian e-Government Cooperation Project
Cooperation Project for Korea-Belarus IT Cooperation Center
Master Plan of Digital Constitutional Court System for e-Government Overseas Expansion Support Project of Ministry of the Interior and Safety
Consulting on Support for Establishment of Employment Service Network in Vietnam
Feasibility Study on Big-data Based Transportation System Improvement for Kiev
Establishment of National Master Plan for DRC, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
Consulting on SKB Data Governance
Establishment of Accident and Hazard Predicting System based on Big-data for Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Phase 2)
Content Development & Documentation for the India-Korea Smart Cities Knowledge Platform
Development of Roadmap For National Paperless Trade System (NPTS) in Belarus
Consulting on Establishment of Mid-Term Finance Management System and Training on Mid-Term Finance Planning in Mongolia

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2016.09 ~ 2017.01
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2016.08 ~ 2016.12
2016.06 ~ 2016.12
2016.06 ~ 2016.12
2016.06 ~ 2016.12

2016.02 ~ 2016.08
Development of Smart-City S/W in India
Development of Overseas Expansion Strategy for Employment Service (WorkNet)
Planning Research on Md-Long Term R&D Design of Technology on Documentary Conservation
Establishment of Business Information Management System
Establishment of Administrative Trial Hub System for Anti-Corruption &Civil Rights Commission (Phase 4)
Consulting on Bangladesh Smart-City
Consulting on Establishment of Digital Employment Service
Study on Establishment of e-Government Export Strategy in MENA Region
BPR/ISP on Prevention of Fraud of Oil Price Subsidy for Trucks
Establishment of Information Strategy for Improvement and Expansion of Usage of Civil Petition Data
Securing IT Management System for Planning Roadmap and Demand Research of Establishment of
Co-Sharing System (Switchover and Sharing Service for Data Center in Korea Space Weather Center)
Establishment of ISP for Establishment of Integrated Land Information Management System in Kyrgyzstan

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2015.08 ~ 2015.12
2015.05 ~ 2015.12
2015.07 ~ 2015.12
2015.07 ~ 2016.02
Establishment of e-Government Master Plan in Cameroon
ISP on Establishment of Integrated Management System of Nuclear Safety Regulation Account for Nuclear Fund
PMC on National Complaint Center in Tunisia KOICA
Consulting on Pre-planning of Propelling Smart Tour Integrated Platform
Technology based Establishment Strategy Planning of Cloud based Korean Land Information System
( Switchover and Operation Service Model for Cloud Center for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport )
Feasibility Study on Establishment of Data Center in Uzbekistan
Study on Overseas Expansion of Electronic Documentation Industry
ISP on Establishment of Big-data Platform in Health Insurance
ISMP on NCS based Information System for Korea Polytechnics
ISP on Establishment of National Cloud Integrated Network Environment
ISP on Establishment of Standardization for Employment Related Information Supply system
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